Catering Consultant

With over thirty five years experience in hospitality, I have developed expertise across all areas of the industry. I managed up to nine restaurants and 3 hotels at the same time before selling the businesses in 2003. 

I am a Springboard Ambassador since 2004, promoting the Hospitality Industry. My background is 3 Michelin Stars Restaurants in Belgium, France and UK with the Roux Brothers and I am proud to have contributed to better eating in UK culminating in better food in London than most other European Cities.

Catering consultancy for:  

 Restaurants  Hotels
 Bars  In house catering

who need a fresh eye to look at their businesses. 

 Feasibility study  Evaluation  Staff assessment
 Mystery dinners visits and reports  Cost control  Profit margin
 Health and Safety  Menu planning  Pricing Structure
 Quality standard  Catering design and ergonomic


Improving profit margins and control on wages
Budgeting, forecasting and setting targets


Promotions, Launch parties, PR

Because you know it makes sense!