You are unaware of London Possibilities?

I accompany you around the Sites and will introduce you to places and people who will be of interest to you. Please note that I suit the timing around your busy schedule.

After getting to know each other, I come to your place or hotel, I can help with shopping, entertainment, public relations, introduce you to various circle, people and places that are exclusive and sometimes unusual, be your personal assistant for the day or more.

I am available at short notice, if you can please give 24 hours notice but feel free to contact me on my mobile (+44 7831 782 200+44 7831 782 200) if you are at a loss in London, Paris or anywhere in the world. I can also recommend other people who can accompany you, male or female who are educated and can hold a conversation over dinner and meet your friends and business partners.

My fees can be charged to your credit or debit cards. A minimum fee of three hours plus transport will be charged. Please note that up to three people may be together, sharing a car, taxi, limousine or other mode of transport that you prefer. If you wish to proceed and book, please continue herein and enjoy my whirl!

Exclusive London