Event Management


Jean-François Dor Events offers a complete, professionally managed service or just the finishing touch to form an event to remember.

What kind of events?

I  advise my clients on the whole spectrum of the available services and explain how important is their interdependence.

I prepare, plan, produce, stage and manage a quality event for any purpose with meticulous arrangements of all the essential elements - from the event concept/theme to the finer details such as the timing of the catering and entertainment.

I design and direct the creative side of the event and to maintain in a 'strictly business' way the administrative and the general management.

I am proud to be able to offer my clients a creative and professional assessment of the brand, organisation, person or occasion with which the event is to be associated; I further identify the target audience and suggest the best promotional and marketing tools which will reflect, represent correctly and enhance the core values of my client.

As well as that, my clients are always offered an expert advice on the selection of various available venues, their weak and strong points for each particular type of event, a practical/physical survey of the venues, their catering and entertainment, outsourcing and identification of the key (third party) suppliers, co-ordination of the logistics, general advice on the light and sound arrangements, health and safety requirements, venue access and audience/guestlist control.

I provide my clients with detailed schedule of my services throughout the event and pride myself on my ability to manage every aspect of the event, to maintain high quality of work and to work within agreed schedules and deadlines.