Bands Casinos Games
Magicians Celebrity Clairvoyant Walkabout
Still Living Statues Actors Circus artists
Animatronics Body Paint Artists Caricaturists

Would you like a

Classical Rock Jazz

concert at home or at a chosen venue?


A band A discotheque

to dance or just listen with


Lightings Smoke machines Foam

just ideas, I have lot more.

How about a casino complete with croupiers dressed appropriately to the event with money printed to your family crest or company logo or even the picture of your CEO?

Roulette Black Jack Stud poker Wheel of fortune
Super pan 9 Dice Punto Banco Cash crane or video Poker

to play with

Electronic Fruit Machine Video Horse Racing (alternative to Ascott this year?) Wind up Derby
Golf Swing analyser with instructors Virtual shooting (8 ft Screen) Indoor Clay Pigeon Shooting
Basketball Machine Quick Draw Shoot out (James Bond or JOhn Wayne) Speed Bag Boxing
31 ft Skittle Alley Slot Car Racing 6 or 8 Lanes  

Try the

Bucking Bronco Suf Machine Table Football
Electronic Darts Safety Cross Bow Giant Jenga

More fun? Have the indoor or outdoor Fair Stalls:

Stalls have blue & white canopies & are fitted with carnival lights, prizes can be arranged to suit:

Cork Riffle Coconut Shy Milk the cow
Ball in buckets Spill the milk Darts
Hook-a-duck steady hand Roll-a-ball

Cross bow Splat the rat

 If you are interested in something or someone in particular, do not hesitate to contact me