Charities and Societies

Fund raising Ball Luncheon
Dinner Award Entertainment
Visit to Galleries Lecture Cocktails

For a programme of social and fundraising events, please contact me and I will be delighted to tailor suitable occasion for your charity, society or association.

As past Chairman of International Committee of the Rotary Club of London I contributed to the eradication of  Polio Worldwide together with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation $200M was pledged, raised and matched and a further $ 100M ensued, Trustee of the Royal Belgian Benevolent Society where young Belgians in UK are helped and Chairman of the Arts Club Charitable Trust where young artists are also helped,  member the Institute of Fundraising  for developping more ideas as see what other fundraisers are up to...

Concerts and Balls are organised regularly throughout the world, they are exclusive and in aid of charities.

I look forward to helping you raising your charity profile and bank balance.