Good public relations is the making of a start-up business. Inept PR can ruin it.

In its broadest sense, PR is a way of effectively and accurately communicating with your audience to make sure they understand your company. It also enables you to develop a positive image in their minds.

Public relations (PR) is a way for companies, organisations or people to enhance their reputations. I perform on your behalf by successfully communicating with and through the media to present you in the most favourable way possible.

Through cooperative efforts with other people and organisations I create good will within the community to enhance your image.

Image is Important!

The business world is extremely competitive. Companies typically want to have something that makes them stand out from the crowd, something that makes them more appealing and interesting to both members of the public and the media. A favourable image can help increase a company's sales, negative publicity can damage a company's reputation and decrease sales.

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Jean-Francois Dor can put you at the forefront of the media within your budget. He has contacts worldwide to make it happen.