Social Media are here to stay here are some of the sites that I belong other than Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, AIM, MySpace and Cosmocircle :

Agence Libre Internationale


A Small World

Billionaires Elite




EYP London

Financial Freedom

Foundation H.S.H. Prince Albert II de Monaco

Honour Society

Imperial Embassy Empire

International Aristocratic Association

International Who's Who

IEE Society Clubs

Journey Pod Luxury Travel Nightlife Social Network Community

Lear Jet Club

Le Sanctuaire Interieur de Dyaus


Networkers United Worldwide

Official IEE Beta

Pickens Plan

Real Estate Investing

Startup Space - The Business Social Network

Skorpio Luxury CLub

Space Solar Satellites for supplying energy

The Court of World Nobility

The Entrepreneurs Society Club

The Fashion  Globe

The Inaccessible

The Most Exclusive Imperial & Highest Society

Louis Vuitton Party Club

Net Success Club

Perfect Networker

Rich and Famous The Dynasty Club

Skorpio Luxury Club

Tycoon Club

UK Marketing Network

Worldwide Business Club